Bisexual politics on The Real L Word

Bisexual politics on The Real L Word

Any  fans of  The Real L Word out there?

The Real L Word

The Real L Word

I love the show. Reality TV shows are a guilty pleasure of mine.

But the Real L Word has a little more substance to it. Let’s just say it’s not the Real Housewives of Vancouver (which I love also).

It’s rare for the LGBT community to get so much attention in the media. I haven’t been in any long term lesbian relationships. But I do identify as bisexual.

The Real L Word follows the lives of lesbians living in Los Angeles and New York. The show does an excellent job of portraying a wide variety of lesbian relationships.

We meet lesbians who are in traditional monogamous relationships. Planning weddings and having babies.

We follow other lesbians who are dating. The lesbian dating experience is much like the straight dating experience. They joke on the show that lesbians get attached immediately. But guys get attached easily also. I see more similarities than differences. And that’s a good thing!

Yes, the show is sexy. Women are sexy. They show explicit sex on the show. Obviously that is also sexy!

Sexy lesbians and a solitary bisexual

Sexy lesbians and a solitary bisexual

But it isn’t the main reason why I enjoy the show.

The third season is currently airing on Showtime and The Movie Network in Canada. So catch up if you are behind!

There are some spoilers below. Don’t read if you want a spoiler free reality show experience ;)

One of the big reveals this season is that Romi is in a relationship with a man. Romi always identified as bisexual on the show. But we only saw her having relationships and hooking up with women on previous seasons.

Let’s just say this doesn’t go down well with most of the cast.

They gossip that she creates drama. She is attention seeking. She is unreliable. Even worse, she isn’t even gay.

Romi is isolated from the core cast members. Romi was loved in previous seasons because she was fun, impulsive, and passionate.

It seems like the cast have flipped their feelings towards her just because she’s been in a relationship with a man for awhile.

Bisexuals aren’t taken seriously in the straight or LGBT communities.

We are lesbian until we aren’t. We are straight until we aren’t.

Everyone wants us to make a decision and stick with it.

Bisexuals can have monogamous relationships. Straight and gay people are still attracted to other people when they are in monogamous relationships.

Some choose to act on that attraction and others don’t. Kind of exactly what bisexual people do.

I’m only on episode four of the third season. Romi has broken up with her boyfriend and is in a relationship with her ex-girlfriend again (who is so adorable!).

It will be interesting to see how the cast react.

I suspect that Romi will always have the scarlet letter B written on her chest.

Discrimination against bisexuality is always upsetting for me. But it is more upsetting when that hate comes from the LGBT community.

Maybe I’m too naive or idealistic. I just think people who are discriminated against should have more empathy and be more inclusive.

I guess people are assholes. Sexual orientation doesn’t change that.

Do you watch The Real L Word?  How do you feel about the way bisexuality is handled on the show?

Happy Friday everyone!


Bella Bellini